Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Episode 2

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Episode 2 Text and Notes

Welcome to episode two of the Start Screen Tips tutorials. Our first Windows 8 Pro screen cast introduced Windows 8 Lock and Start Screens. We demonstrated how to use your mouse and hot spots to access the desktop, charms and start screen. Some may be concerned by the apparent need to mouse back and forth between hot spots in the far right or left corners of the screen.

The saving grace of Windows 8 is a healthy smattering of new short cut keystrokes. Let’s start by looking at keyboard shortcuts used to switch between the desktop and start screen. The Windows Key finally earns its place on your keyboard. Pressing the Windows key bypasses the need to click the bottom left hot spot corner of your screen. Holding down the Windows key and using it like a shift key as you press the D key takes you to the desktop. The Windows key will toggle between the Start Screen and the last used program or application. If the pressed while on the desktop the Start Screen is displayed. When pressed a second time the desktop is displayed. If you are using a Start Screen App such as Weather the Windows key would toggle between the Weather App and the Start Screen.

To access the Charms Bar, hold down the Windows key and press the C key. This keyboard combo eliminates the need to swipe up and down to display charms. Use the Windows plus C key combo to CHARM your computer. Use your arrow keys to move up and down the charms bar and your enter key to select a charm. Pressing the Escape key will clear the Charms Bar.

Need a short cut to the power option? Hold down the Windows key and type the I key to display the Settings menu to display the power options icon.


The Start Button search function has been replaced by a more powerful and easy to access Windows 8 search. To find a program or app while in the Start Screen, simply begin typing the name of the app. As I type notepad, search automatically finds the notepad program. Left click or press Enter to run. Notice, because notepad is a desktop program, you are automatically switched to the desktop. Click the right corner X


An iNetSynch close Notepad and other desktop programs.

Windows Key: Toggle to Start Screen

Windows Key plus C Key : Turn on Charms Bar

Windows Key plus D Key: Display Desktop

Windows Key plus I Key: Display Settings Panel With Power Options

To find and run program: Switch to the Start Screen and begin typing the name of the program

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