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Windows 8 Speech to Text Alive and Well

Windows 8 Speech to Text Alive and Well

Microsoft speech to text is alive and well in Windows 8.  We’re still not sure of the status of speech to text in Windows RT. This tutorial assumes that you are using either standard Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro.  Speech recognition software can be used to not only dictate but to control both desktop and Start Screen (Metro) programs and applications.

To launch Speech to Text, go to Start Screen and type Speech. Click the Speech App and setup your system using short tutorial. Use a GOOD MICROPHONE.

To View Start Screen say: Press Windows

To Start an App While in Start say: App Name

To View App Options say:  Press Windows Z

To Close App say: Close App

To Switch to Desktop say: Desktop

To Close Desktop Windows say: Close Window

To Press a Screen Button say: Press Enter

To Scroll  say: Scroll Right or Left

To Access Options say: Show Numbers

Or say:  Mousegrid


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Using Windows 8 Bing Search Metro App Episode 10

Using Windows 8 Bing Search Metro App Episode 10

Bing Search is usually installed with Windows 8 but may be added using the Windows App Store.

Right Click to Select and show options. You may resize the Bing tile and toggle on and off live tile display of trending public searches. Other options include Unpin and Uninstall.

The photo used as the Bing background can be used as your Lock Screen picture. To display the App options bar at the bottom of the screen, right click the Bing photo or enter the Windows + Z key combo.

When a Bing link is clicked the page or photo is shown in the Start Screen Internet browser. To return to the Bing app, mouse to upper left corner to display Switch List of apps and left click the Bing app. Or use Windows + Tab Key Combo to show Switch bar and last used app in the top left corner of the screen.

To modify settings such as search filters, history as well as rate and review Bing on the Microsoft Store, mouse to upper right corner or use Windows + I Key Combo to access the settings panel.

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Adding Apps to Taskbar and Start Screen Episode 9

Adding Apps to Taskbar and Start Screen Episode 9

When Windows 8 Start Screen (a.k.a. Metro) Apps are purchased from the Microsoft store, linked Tiles are automatically added to your Start Screen. Traditional desktop programs, such as the newly named File Explorer, are not usually displayed as Tiles.

To add a program and utility such as the File Explorer, go to the Start Screen, type the name of the program or App and watch as Windows 8 quickly locates and displays the desired App. Once the App or Program is displayed, right click to select (noted by check in upper right corner) and select Pin to start from the options listed at the bottom of the screen.

To add a Start Screen App to the desktop Taskbar, right click the desired App on the Start Screen and select Pin to taskbar option.


Navigating Windows 8 Quick Tips

Navigating Windows 8

Navigating Windows 8 using your mouse and keyboard. Use the Windows Key to toggle between last used App and the Start Screen. While viewing the Start Screen press the Enter key to run the App in the far left corner. Use the Windows + C key to display the Charms bar or the Windows + Q key to open Windows 8 Search.

Move your mouse to the FAR LEFT corner and then DOWN to display the Switch Bar along with active Apps. Right click on an App to display menu and select Close or Snap option.

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Windows 8 Classic Shell Start Button and Menu Episode 6

Episode 6 Installing and Using Classic Shell Start Button and Menu With Windows 8

Long for a Windows 8 Start Button and Menu? Fortunately, Windows 8 users have a growing list of programs that give back what Microsoft has taken away. This screencast focuses on the free, open source Classic Shell Start Button solution. 

Classic Shell is an Ivo Beltchev open source project. The producer of this screencast and video has no financial interest in  and makes no claims as to fitness for use or efficacy of Ivo Beltchev products. Please review the Classic Shell license before installing.