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Windows 8 Speech to Text Alive and Well

Windows 8 Speech to Text Alive and Well

Microsoft speech to text is alive and well in Windows 8.  We’re still not sure of the status of speech to text in Windows RT. This tutorial assumes that you are using either standard Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro.  Speech recognition software can be used to not only dictate but to control both desktop and Start Screen (Metro) programs and applications.

To launch Speech to Text, go to Start Screen and type Speech. Click the Speech App and setup your system using short tutorial. Use a GOOD MICROPHONE.

To View Start Screen say: Press Windows

To Start an App While in Start say: App Name

To View App Options say:  Press Windows Z

To Close App say: Close App

To Switch to Desktop say: Desktop

To Close Desktop Windows say: Close Window

To Press a Screen Button say: Press Enter

To Scroll  say: Scroll Right or Left

To Access Options say: Show Numbers

Or say:  Mousegrid


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