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Using Windows 8 Bing Search Metro App Episode 10

Using Windows 8 Bing Search Metro App Episode 10

Bing Search is usually installed with Windows 8 but may be added using the Windows App Store.

Right Click to Select and show options. You may resize the Bing tile and toggle on and off live tile display of trending public searches. Other options include Unpin and Uninstall.

The photo used as the Bing background can be used as your Lock Screen picture. To display the App options bar at the bottom of the screen, right click the Bing photo or enter the Windows + Z key combo.

When a Bing link is clicked the page or photo is shown in the Start Screen Internet browser. To return to the Bing app, mouse to upper left corner to display Switch List of apps and left click the Bing app. Or use Windows + Tab Key Combo to show Switch bar and last used app in the top left corner of the screen.

To modify settings such as search filters, history as well as rate and review Bing on the Microsoft Store, mouse to upper right corner or use Windows + I Key Combo to access the settings panel.

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