Stardock Start8 Start Button and Menu for Windows 8

Episode 7 Stardock Start8 Start Button and Menu for Windows 8

Windows 8 has replaced the Start Button and Menu with the tile based Start Screen. This tutorial demonstrates the popular Stardock Start8 add-on which offers a Windows 7 style Start Menu and allows Windows 8 computers to bypass the Start Screen and go directly to the desktop.  

To download, launch Internet explorer 10, search for Start8, and click on the Start8 for Windows 8 link.  If the trial version is still available select that option or purchase by clicking the ‘get now’ button. Stardock will ask for your e-mail address. A download link will be emailed after this information is entered.

Once you click the download link you may choose to either save or automatically run the install for Start8. 

After the program has been installed, a read me file is displayed.  When the program is first run you are presented with the configuration screen.  You may select between a number of options including menu style and Start8 icon image.  Perhaps one of the most important options allows you to change the action performed when the Windows key is pressed.  You may choose to have your computer boot to the traditional desktop or Windows 8 start screen.

Once changes are made, click to exit.  Exiting not only closes this window but also saves your changes.  One of the most impressive features is the ability to use the Start8 menu to launch both Desktop and Start Screen or Metro apps.  You may also turn off or restart your computer using the Start8 menu.

To add new Metro or Start Screen apps, select all programs and click Modern UI applications to display a list of Metro Start Screen apps. Select the desired application, right click and choose the “pin to the start menu” option.

To make changes in the Start8 configuration, right click on the Start8 icon and select Configure Start8.  You may choose to use a smaller display of the Windows 8 Start Screen rather than the Windows 7 style menu.  As you can see, Stardock offers many options but does so in such a way is to keep it from being overwhelming.


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