Your Windows 8 Life Line

Welcome to the Windows 8 tips and resources blog, podcast and screencasts. Windows 8 offers both a revolutionary and evolutionary change in the way users interact with their computers be they traditional desktop machines, tablets or phones. Windows 8 will ship with Internet Explorer 10 and Start Screen (Metro) apps making  Microsoft a strong contender in the mobile market place and enhancing the desktop experience. 

Microsoft has made bold changes in the look and feel of Windows requiring customers learn a radical new way of using software and hardware. Learning Windows 8 is made more challenging by the marriage of the old and new. Much of the traditional Windows desktop has been retained but is accessible only after flipping through the new touch friendly user screens designed around a flat, minimalistic tile arrangement, formally known as Metro. For reasons still only guessed at, Microsoft has decided to drop the Metro moniker.

Some are calling the new user experience applications Live Tiles, Modern Apps or Windows Store Apps. Because the tried and true Start Button and Menu have been replaced by the Windows 8 Start Screen, we will refer to the new apps and programs designed explicitly for Windows 8 as Start Screen Apps. Our screencasts, blogs and podcasts will focus on tips and resources that will help make the transition to Windows 8  in all its various forms.

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